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               EMERGENCY WATER SOLUTIONS!                             Emergency Well Pumping System (EPS) &                            AquaRain Water Filter

Smith Distributing USA offers innovative products.  Currently we are offering solutions to meet your emergency water needs with a manual well pump (EPS) and an AquaRain water filtration system.

The two systems are exceptional solutions for providing water in emergencies (such as power outages) and natural disasters.

The EPS pump is sold as either a temporary unit designed to be portable and used in emergency or as a permanent installation that can be used anytime (including during power outages).

The EPS is made in the USA; 100% parts and labor.  Further, the system was designed and built to last by a professional well driller.  The hand pump is easy to use and can pump up to 8 gallons per minute.


The AquaRain 404 Gravity Water Filter is an outstanding micro-filter system utilizing ceramic filter elements.  The four filters remove cycsts, bacteria, and are effective in removing pesticides, sediments, particulates, and even objectional tastes and odors.

The AquaRain 404 can filter and produce up to 30 gallons per day.  The filter housing consists of a heavy duty restaurant grade stainless steel with a three gallon capacity. 

The AquaRain 202 Gravity Water Filter provides the same fresh drinking water in a smaller 1 1/2 gallon capacity with two filters.

A 0.25 absolute micron rating for the AquaRain filters means safer and cleaner water.  The AquaRain is also made in the USA.